• Thosha

    Badge get!

    October 9, 2011 by Thosha

    Blogs, available on all wikia's, only used on a few.

    This blog post was mostly made to get the badge. But once you make one, you might as well just type a story on it. And what? A good thing would be about the future of this wikia.

    At the moment the wikia seems very inactive. Only some old towns are listed from the old map, some admin pages and old events. The amount of people editing the wikia is also very low. Most of them from a few months ago and mostly by the same people.

    What would be logical that at least each Mayor would create or add important info to the page about their town. This way there is a nice amount of pages, and the residents then can later add additional info and pictures.

    What could also be useful is detailed plugin info.…

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